AI Commits - 1Password Integration


I recently discovered Nutlope's AICommits which is a CLI that writes your git commit messages for you with AI.

In the age of AI, I felt this was most appropriate as it eases a developer's workflow where he ends up spending more time writing meaningful code instead of keeping detailed track of his contributions.


When setting up the configuration for AI Commits, the CLI requests the user to provision an OPENAI API Key.

aicommits config set OPENAI_KEY=<token>

This is when I realized, doesn't 1Password have an OPEN AI shell plugin to provision an API key?

Going through 1Password's documentation on provisioning secrets into scripts, I managed to connect AICommits to 1Password's private vault, thus fetching the OPENAI API Key.

const configParsers = {
    OPENAI_KEY(key?: string) {
        if (!key) {
          // Fetch the OpenAI API key from 1Password vault
          const openAIKey = execSync(`op read 'op://Private/OpenAI/api-key'`).toString().trim();
          if (!openAIKey) {
            throw new KnownError('Logging - Please set your OpenAI API key via `aicommits config set OPENAI_KEY=<your token>`');
          key = openAIKey;
        parseAssert('OPENAI_KEY', key.startsWith('sk-'), 'Must start with "sk-"');
        // Key can range from 43~51 characters. There's no spec to assert this.

        return key;

Preferably an aicommits config command would prompt to see if OPENAI_KEY exists in my connected 1Password account. If it does, simply use that credential otherwise guide the user through a set of follow-up prompts to set up and link the account.

Keep in mind, this is still a work in progress and I'm yet to integrate into Nutlope's main branch.

Ultimately, this way AICommits integration with 1Password enables developers to avoid keeping secrets in plaintext.