Edvora is based of an intuitive user interface for creating and conducting assessments, with question types, participant management, and result analytics.

Purpose and Features

Aims to streamline the assessment process, offering a comprehensive and efficient tool for educators and learners.

Its features include:
Interactive and Dynamic Interface: The app's intuitive design and smooth navigation provide a pleasant user experience.

Responsive Layout: Adapts seamlessly to different devices, ensuring accessibility on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Assessment Creation: Educators can effortlessly create assessments, quizzes, and exams to evaluate student knowledge and progress.

Chakra UI Integration: The application leverages the power of Chakra UI, a flexible and customizable UI component library for React.

Real-time Updates: Students can experience live updates during assessments, keeping them informed about their progress and remaining time.

Figma Design: The app's design is based on a professional and meticulously crafted Figma sketch, ensuring a visually appealing and consistent user interface.